Docteur Stéphane Signorini

Docteur Stéphane Signorini

Ceramic dental veneers and a Hollywood smile, what’s the secret to this technique and what do you need to know ?
Read our interview with Doctor Stéphane Signorini.

Doctor Stéphane Signorini is a dental surgeon who has been in practice since 1986 and has extensive experience in dental implants, endodontology, periodontal and aesthetic surgery, obturation, dental restoration and medical whitening. He joined forces with Communemag to talk to readers about oral health and answer our questions.

What are veneers ?

They are very fine porcelain shells, of between 0.5 and 1.2 millimetres in thickness, laid on the visible surface of the tooth to create or recreate a harmonious and natural appearance for the teeth.

Who is this type of treatment aimed at ?

Usually, veneers are used on patients with misshapen and/or discoloured teeth. Some individuals find these kind of problems embarrassing. If this is the case, cosmetic dentistry is strongly recommended, so that the person can feel comfortable with their appearance.

What are the essential factors for this treatment to be a success ?

Setting aside the technical aspects, this is a treatment to improve a situation and meet a patient’s expectations. These expectations must therefore be well understood by the practitioner - so obviously good communication is essential.

This is a treatment that gives you a beautiful smile in a short time. What else do we need to know ?

Most importantly you need to remember that the thickness of the tooth enamel has to be reduced by about 0.7 to 1.2 millimetres, in order to fit the veneers.
This means that once they are in place there is no longer any possibility of going back to the natural surface. This treatment is therefore intended for people who wish to permanently alter the appearance of their teeth.

Can you achieve a natural effect with veneers ?

There is nothing more beautiful than a natural smile, which is why a good practitioner will take into account all the patient's natural dental attributes before starting the treatment, so that the ceramic veneers blend together in perfect harmony.
Attributes to be considered in particular, in addition to shape, are the transparency, translucency and reflection of the light on the new ceramic surfaces. Much of the treatment’s success is down to these characteristics.

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