Fondation de la Côte

Fondation de la Côte

Fondation de La Côte for home care services and support: the answer for those who wish to grow old at home!

The FLC, is at the heart of health and well-being in the La Côte region, meeting the needs of local people.

The FLC played a vital role during the two years of the pandemic and was able to quickly adapt by coordinating resources and taking on new responsibilities, particularly with respect to vaccinating patients at home, with more than 3,200 people vaccinated throughout the canton. It also played a key role as a regional coordinator representing the western pandemic unit, while maintaining its existing commitments to patients. Jorge Castro, new director of the FLC since March, says needs are changing constantly; the CMS (centres médico-sociaux) and nursing staff have to be flexible in the face of a rapidly changing situation.

The elderly will make up a fifth of the population by 2040
In view of the cantonal policy "Ageing well 2030", the strategic direction of the Vaudois home care association AVASAD and the ageing population, the FLC must strive towards a healthcare system focused on disease prevention and health promotion, both for elderly people and from early childhood. Together with the Espace Prévention and CMS+, the FLC ’s aim is therefore to work towards maintaining good health for the entire population in La Côte along with a package of home care and support.

Innovating and creating synergies
With the launch of CMS 24, which looks after those returning home after a stay in hospital, and the rapid intervention team, capable of intervening if nursing care needs to be provided within two hours, the FLC aims to cement its expertise and expand its associations with its regional partners. Expertise is also being developed in offering a service that allows it to support patients in all the important areas of health and social care. Anticipating and meeting the expectations of the population, while maintaining the support and assistance that is needed, will always remain at the heart of what it does.